Fairfield Summer Sports Day Camp

Character Through Sports & Adventure

Our Summer Sports Day Camp, located minutes away from Fairfield is the perfect setting in which children can grow and flourish. At camp, campers create lifelong friendships in a compassionate and accepting environment, while challenging themselves and gaining a sense of self-discovery. We pride ourselves in having the finest coaches come and teach your child and to help them reach new goals.

No child left behind!

Fairfield Summer Day Camp

Summer Sports Day Camp near Fairfield

Close to Fairfield, we own around 38 acres of land, which provides the ideal country setting for activities that help campers discover their true potential through sports and other fun activities that the children can partake in.

Kids in action at our Fairfield Summer Day CampTeam Spirit at our Fairfield Summer Day Camp

Our coaches come from a wide array of different sports and are here to make sure your kids have a fun experience and at the same time, learn how to play properly. We break down each sport into skill sets that kids can master and then progress to the next level. We try to stress the importance of self-improvement, only helping the kids when they ask so they can grow as individuals. Our Fairfield Campers practice with a series of interactive drills and then play in games, matches or tournaments to demonstrate what they have learned to enjoy competition and develop sportsmanship.

Friends at Fairfield Summer Day Camp

Summer Sports Day Camp Swimming near Fairfield

In our unique, progressive swim program campers are grouped by age and skill level. Instruction spans all skill levels – from the basics of learning how to tread water, to learning how to swim competitively. We have one small-group instructional period and at least one recreational swim each day. Our swim graduation requirements are pretty impressive so campers leave with another skill!

Swimming at Fairfield Summer Day Camp

A Sense of Adventure Brings Fairfield Campers Back

At our Summer Day Camp, we provide a nurturing, yet challenging environment where kids are given the opportunity to try new things, discover who they are and safely step out of their comfort zones. Once again, our campers safety is our top priority and with our trained professionals help your child, there’s little to no risk. As a result, campers look forward to the next level of adventure each year. We offer a program that campers can sign up for that’s called ‘Go-Pro’. This program is only for campers who are ages 8+ and it helps our campers develop more advanced skills in a specific sport..

In addition to sports, we have an adventure program that includes hiking, archery, skateboarding, waterslides and more! We consistently challenge our campers to build their accomplishments through their experience at camp and extend their array of skills.

Basketball at Fairfield Summer Day Camp

Directions to Camp from Fairfield

The Corbin’s Crusaders Summer Day Camp is located in Greenwich, CT. We are a short drive away from Fairfield, CT and also offer a transportation program whenever possible, call us for details, (203) 632-9763.

Pre-Camp (June 17 – June 21)

Pre-Camp is offered for parents who need an extra week of coverage before the season starts on June 25. We offer multiple sports activities and recreational swim to coed groups.

Rates (June 24 – August 9)

Duration Rate
8 Weeks $7,200 (includes pre-camp)
7 Weeks $6,300
6 Weeks $5,400
5 Weeks $4,500
4 Weeks $3,600
3 Weeks $2,700
2 Weeks $1,800
1 Week $900

Let’s Talk Soon About Your Child

Selecting the ‘right’ summer camp is a difficult process. Let’s talk to see if Corbin’s Crusaders is the right choice for your family and your values. Give us a call today for details on our Summer Day Camp near Fairfield!

Peter & Wendy Corbin, Owners/Directors

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The Corbin Family

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