Terms & Policies

Cancellation/Image Policy and Deposit Schedule:
A non-refundable 20% deposit is due with the application in order to secure a spot. Payment in full is due one month prior to start of program, 50% of which is refundable upon cancellation. After the first day of the program all fees are non-refundable.

I give permission for my child’s image and video to be used for advertising/promotion purposes for Corbin’s Crusaders.

Please note – we do not use your child’s name in any public materials.

Student and Camper Behavior Policy:

Corbin’s Crusaders works with each student or camper to ensure that they have the resources and support needed to enjoy Corbin’s Crusaders Sports Club and excel on and off of the sports’ field. We understand that each child is unique and will work together with parents to find solutions that work for each child. Although our goal is to work through all issues, situations may arise that require consequences. Corbin’s Crusaders uses the following Behavioral Management and Supervision Policy:

  1. Investigate and determine details of incidence
  2. Call parents of all campers involved
  3. Work with parents and campers to understand and discuss situation, what changes are needed and consequences if these changes are not implemented.

If the behavior or situation is not resolved, Corbin’s Crusaders reserves to right to implement either a suspension and/or expulsion from Corbin’s Crusaders programs. In the case of suspension or expulsion, there are no make up days or refunds.